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Now the only hurdle is being able to reach all the people that have seen Animator vs. Animation. I counted that my whole series has over 218 million views, but my social network is comparatively very small. So please share this link with your friends!

We have until August 11th at midnight! If I don't reach the goal then I won't get any funding, and Animator vs. Animation IV will NOT HAPPEN.

Thanks everyone!
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If you didn't know, I'm finally giving in to the requests of thousands to make Animator vs. Animation 4! Watch the video here:…

In that video I asked people to follow me on twitter and facebook, so that when I announce the launch date, they will know. Well, I'm announcing the launch date now! On JULY 7th, I will launch my Kickstarter campaign for 33 days until August 8th. When it gets launched, I'll need your help to spread the word to as many people as you know, because chances are, they've seen my animations and want to see more. Here's the video with more information!…

**EDIT** I submitted the project to Kickstarter for approval on the 5th, but didn't realize that it took 2-3 business days to be approved, not including the weekend. soooooo I think it'll be delayed until the 10th. no worries though!
I was the videographer for this 1 minute jingle video (pretty proud of it actually) and it was chosen out of thousands to be a TOP TEN FINALIST!! Now to win the contest and $25,000, we need your help to get the most votes!!


The name of our entry is Chris C. from Dublin OH.

The Soul Monsters is a band made up of some of my best friends, and I think they really deserve to win the contest. You can vote once every day until June 19th. Share this with your friends and vote as many times as you can! Please :)
This app is going to be big! It's called Stick Texting. Instead of putting smiley faces in your texts, you can put in 3 second stick figure animations. The animations are pretty funny. I put faces, hands, feet, and hair on the stick figures which I haven't done before.


Get it and send a Stick Text to your friends! It's only a matter of time before everyone knows about these.

Credit goes to Mitch Robiner for heading up the project and coming up with the idea!
So my website got infected somehow, so even though the website looked the same, Google was preventing people from looking at it because it might give them malware.

So after much hassle I ended up deleting everything on my website and starting from scratch.

And I'm glad I did! It looks so much better now.

Please subscribe, since I'll be posting more on my website than on DeviantArt (it's easier to post multiple images of one thing on my website).
Hooray! Joe Lafond has retracted his copyright claim on my videos! Apparently, it was all an accident. He never told me his original intention, so it is still a mystery. Kind of an anti-climatic struggle. But my videos are back up and that makes me satisfied!!

Joe Lafond is a good guy. I take back what I said.

Last night I got an email from YouTube saying that my video "Animator vs. Animation II (original)" was disabled due to a copyright complaint by Joe Lafond.


This made me so angry. At first I thought that this Joe Lafond was mistaking me for one of the hundreds of people who reposted Animator vs. Animation and its sequels, trying to protect the original owner without knowing that I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER.

But the process for submitting copyright claims in YouTube is pretty elaborate and risky for the person submitting so I really wonder WHY this person actually sent this copyright notice.


So I can send a counter notification, but it's risky because what if Joe Lafond is the owner of the Firefox logo, or the avast! program, or AOL? If it turns out he actually made a valid claim, I could actually have my YouTube account terminated. The only other option they give is to contact the person directly but like I said, ALL THEY GIVE ME IS HIS NAME, not his youtube username, his email, nothing.

This is a big deal for me because this video was the only one getting over 1 million views. You can see how its disabled here:…

All I want to do is find out WHO sent this copyright claim and WHY.

So, I find myself very stuck. Any advice would really help.


::: EDIT :::

I have found Joe Lafond, turns out YouTube does give me his email address. I emailed him, he said it was all a mistake, but didn't say anything about retracting his copyright claim. Fishy.
I get a lot of emails, and probably the top two questions asked are:

how did you make animator vs animation???????


can u teach me how to do that?????????

so to answer those two questions, I've started a video tutorial series on YouTube explaining Flash, the program I use to animate.

check it out!…

Thank you all for your patience!  Animator vs. Animation III is released!

Also visit my new website!

Thank you!

Alan Becker
After a year of work, Animator vs. Animation III is complete!!! It is due for release on on October 4th, 2010.  It's been 4 years since I finished the first and second ones, and since then I've gotten a lot better at Flash animation.  So this one rocks both of their socks off combined.



EDIT!!! the date's been changed to the 11th.  my apologies,  the 4th was a very tentative date.
i just recently did some art for an iPhone app called "License Plate Decoder".  it's funny cuz i never do digital painting but that's what i did to make this.  we really need people to try it out and give it good ratings.…

thanks a lot guys.

Hey everyone!
I'm back from traveling and mission work and stuff.  It was amazing.
Now that I'm back, I've been animating a bit.  
Here's an announcement:
I've started working on Animator vs. Animation III!  Don't expect it to come out any time soon, but know that it's on the horizon.

Starting September, I'll be attending Columbus College of Art and Design.  Then I'll get back into drawing and stuff.  I really haven't drawn anything for 2 years...

Thanks for all the comments and fave's!
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I'm doing missionary work with my church, traveling around the country for a year, so I only get internet time for 1 hr a month (torture isn't it?).
I doubt I can reply to your replies.

Special Thanks to CHARLES YEH for programming this GAME!!!!

-Alan Becker

Future plans

Tue Jun 12, 2007, 5:12 PM
Well I finally graduated from high school on June 2nd. What a great last year. Now what am I going to do with my life.

Right now I'm working on an Animator vs. Animation game, with a young programmer who makes games for fun.  Hopefully that will be done soon.  
Hopefully I will be able to attend a spiritual workshop in Korea this summer, if I can renew my passport before early July.  If you didn't know, I'm a pretty religious person.
After summer I'm going to get involved with a missionary youth group with my church.  We will be traveling the whole country, raising money to fund leadership training programs.  It will last a year or maybe two years, depending on my decision.
After that I'm going to go to the Columbus College of Art and Design, for 4 years.  Hopefully by the end of that I can find a professional career in art.

-Alan Becker
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Hey everyone,

according to
the second animation received about 4 million hits since its release.
about half of those hits were on  
the other half comes mainly from the flash files downloaded onto the computers, and then from the foreign websites.

ANYWAY regarding the exclusivity of the animation for 1 month, its been changed to 4 months.  now it will last until march.

i hope you have noticed that when my animation is resized, many words become illegible.  i fixed that recently by converting bitmapped text into actual text.  i changed the cursor from a bitmap to a vector, as well as all of the icons.  not all of the text will be legible, though.  you will see that change once atomfilms updates it.

I finished many art works at school but never got a chance to photograph them and submit them here.  they are nice and i am submitting them to the art show.  youll see them soon.

Happy New Year!

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Watch Animator vs. Animation II now!
Animator vs. Animation II is finished!

i sold it to exclusively, for the first month only.  After the first month, other sites can host it.

*edit* it will be up on tuesday, the 14th.

be patient!
follow this link:…
i just thought a bunch of clones fighting each other would be cool.

I love special effects.  What should I do next?

I am working on Animator vs. Animation II.  It should be done by the end of October.

-Alan Becker
Watch this movie me and some friends made!  I would call it a work of art, since it has artistic acting and artistic special effects, but I can't submit it to deviant art because it's a movie.

By the way each click of the link at the end of the movie gets me and my actors paid.  So if you clicked it, thank you! :brushteeth:

Current projects

Thu Jul 6, 2006, 6:28 AM
This is why I haven't submitted anything for a while.

My friends and I are making a movie.  I'm the photorapher.  So we're using a lot of trick camera angles, special effects, and movie editing.  Too bad I can't submit it to deviant art, I doubt the actors would want to be on here anyway.  

Also, I am working on a sequel to Animator vs. Animation.  This one is more fast paced, going from 16 fps to 25 fps.

ALSO, my dad and I are growing watermelons.  Out of one slice of watermelon, I got about 50 seeds and I planted them, and every one of them grew! (I think...)
So I'm also spending my time caring for my watermelons.

Maybe I should submit some of my photos...